Daughter helping mother for drying clothes

The Sound Futures music powered system of learning enables professional child carers and parents to support their children’s learning with fun, creative and effective techniques that support learning from one to eight years.

It means:

  • improved bonding with children
  • quick, easy, valuable resources
  • inexpensive and accessible family learning
  • more engaged, attentive children

The Sound Futures music powered learning support system is established with two programmes. Each programme is available as a one day course and includes physical and online resources (including audio, visual and video).


  • Parents and Professional Child Carers

    • easy access to creative online resources

    • inexpensive and home learning activities

    • improved family bonding

    • increased confidence in using songs, musical instruments and storytelling to support learning

  • 2. New Gen light
  • Children

    • greater confidence and school readiness

    • increased communication skills

    • increased interest in books and reading

  • 2. New Gen light