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Sound Futures is a high quality educational support system to deliver EYFS and primary curriculum material through songs, music and storytelling. It means:

  • better teaching methods
  • more engaged, attentive pupils
  • quick, easy, valuable resources
  • inspired children and engaged parents

Sound Futures give teachers and parents the ability and confidence to teach through songs and stories. Our resources embed active learning through fun, creative and expressive techniques. Children are engaged as active learners, forming better relationships through interaction with others.

Materials and activities are easy to integrate across early years and primary settings to give children a consistent learning experience. Our learning activities also function as homework practice that makes family learning more accessible. Excellent at facilitating parent engagement, our primary school programme includes parent training and access to our online resources. Additional training in digital production techniques allows teachers and pupils to create lasting resources that can be shared within the school and externally.

The Sound Futures education support system is established with two programmes. Each programme is taught within one school day on location at the school and includes demonstration of the materials and techniques with classes, parent and teacher training and physical and online resources (including audio, visual and video).


  • Pupils

    • a system that inspires and motivates pupils

    • music and activities help children to concentrate and focus

    • pupils are more physically active through music and movement

    • builds children’s confidence

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  • Teachers

    • quick and easy access to online teaching resources

    • creative techniques for managing large class sizes

    • effective for inclusively engaging ESOL pupils and motivating boys

    • new and interesting ways to deliver the curriculum

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  • Head Teachers

    • suitable for Pupil Premium

    • demonstrates technical innovation

    • effective in engaging parents to use the techniques and resources

    • teaching methods that inspire and motivate pupils

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  • Parents

    • included in and empowered to support their children’s learning

    • access to training and online resources

    • enjoyable, inexpensive home learning activities which increase family bonding

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Sound Futures bridges the gap between home and school learning. Teachers and parents will be given the tools and resources to implement the Sound Futures system, including access to online audio, video and visual resources. This will enable teachers and parents a powerful way to support their children’s learning and development, memory skills, confidence, vocabulary, communication and ideas.

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