Mother & children going for morning walk

We give nursery teachers, creche workers and parents the ability and confidence to teach through songs and stories. Materials cover the seven areas of EYFS learning and development and primary curriculum topics. Our teaching methods help children build confidence as they explore through play, think about problems and relate to other children. Our activities make children more physically active through music and dance activities.

  • better teaching methods
  • confident and stimulated children
  • quick, easy, valuable resources
  • included and engaged parents

The Sound Futures education support system is established with two programmes. Each programme is taught within one day on location, in the setting, and includes demonstration of the materials and techniques with classes, parent and teacher training, physical and online resources (including audio, visual and video).


  • Children

    • engaged as active learners

    • learning through storytelling ignites children’s curiosity and captures their imagination

    • music and activities help children to concentrate and focus

    • increased confidence and self-expression

    • improved social and mechanical skills

  • 2. New Gen light
  • Nursery Workers

    • effective for inclusively engaging ESOL pupils

    • greater confidence in leading singing and storytelling

    • fast access to creative resources to inspire and develop children’s learning

    • new & interesting ways to deliver the EYFS curriculum

    • skills to use musical instruments and iPads

  • 2. New Gen light
  • Nursery Managers

    • effective for inclusively engaging ESOL pupils

    • impact-measurable, easily implemented new teaching techniques

    • demonstrates technical innovation

    • effective in achieving school readiness, particularly as part of a whole school approach

    • effective in engaging parents to use the techniques and resources

  • 2. New Gen light

Sound Futures bridges the gap between home and school learning. Teachers and parents will be given the tools and resources to implement the Sound Futures system, including access to online audio, video and visual resources. This will enable teachers and parents a powerful way to support their children’s learning and development, memory skills, confidence, vocabulary, communication and ideas.

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