This training provides the foundations for using songs, music, instruments, props and storytelling within classrooms, nurseries, ESOL groups and homes.

Full of fun activities and fresh ideas it leaves participants inspired, motivated and able to begin implementing the Sound Futures techniques immediately.

School or Nursery Visit
During a school or nursery visit the students and staff will enjoy music and storytelling activities full of Sound Futures techniques and resources. Without needing to take valuable professional development training time, staff will be able to access further tips and resources from the online training. From that day on your environment will be newly invigorated with the sound of music!

Online Training
Easily accessible training that fully supports the EYFS curriculum is available online to assist in activity planning and reporting. Quick to search and full of fun activities, practitioners will be able to immediately implement the Sound Futures techniques in their setting.

Mobile app
To assist nurseries and schools with parent engagement and to support parents in creating a positive home learning environment we have created a mobile app full of ideas and tips in easy bite size snippets. Full of downloadable resources and video examples this app will have child, home and setting singing off the same song sheet!